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Tim Holtz and Ranger Distress Holiday Release is here!

The Distress Holiday release from Ranger and Tim Holtz is in the studio! (exp. crayons) . We have 6 new mica sprays packaged in 2 separate packages of 3 per package. The newest

sets are 5 and 6. Set 5 contains : JUNIPER BERRY, YULETIDE, FROZEN FOG and set 6 contains: SUGARY GUMDROP, WONDERLAND, FROSTY MINT. Then we have the previous year's sets: 1, 2, 3, and 4 available if you missed them or want to stock up. Then Ranger has brought us Grit paste in snowfall and texture paste in Sparkle. The crayons are , again, delayed. We have also not yet received the crayons for the Halloween collection yet either. We are all juggling between fall and winter creating! SO, for fall we have: Idea-ology, stencils, stamps, Distress products and Sizzix all from Tim Holtz. Now, for the Holiday season we have Distress Holiday collection and Sizzix collection that has been released. Our Sizzix collection should reach us this week.

So, to sum it up for today.....we have the new distress Holiday collection. If you pre - ordered last week...they will be on their way to you as soon as we unpack. Also, if you haven't purchased the Fall Distress products we still have stock available.

Keep in touch - A lot happening right now!

Thank you - we appreciate you!


P.S. Don't forget... we are taking pre orders for 49 and Markets newest release - ARToptions

Spice, Color Swatch Grove and Peach

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