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Manic Monday to Motivation Monday!

Happy New Year! Are you feeling motivated this very first Monday of a brand spanking new year? I am!! I am sitting here right now doing some homework for some new projects I will get to show you in the weeks ahead. Next week we are "virtually" attending Notions Commotion - a trade show that will provide new products and new creative ideas and hopefully inspiration. I can't wait to pass all those creative ideas on to you! Soo, I have not yet done reels - or have gone live. Looks like I am going to need to get the courage and just do it! So, grow with me - learn with me and let's have a fantastic year!

I want to remind you TODAY is the last day to take advantage of the storewide 25% off! (no code needed) The sale ends this evening. Don't worry though - we'll always have pop up sales, deals and bargains - plus , the best Clearance department around!

Have a beautiful first week friends!


p.s. does anyone else pick a word? If so - what is your word? I'll share mine later this week.

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