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49 and Market - Spice, Peach and Grove

We have shipped all Pre Orders for the newest 49 and Market collections! If you have not purchased yet - there is still inventory remaining! I believe 49 and Market will have one more collection to introduce this year. Hard to believe we are headed into the final quarter of the year! If you have not yet grabbed ahold of these newest collections, we do still have

inventory available for shipping.

Let me show you what they look like incase you have not had a chance to look at them. If you happen to come across an item you want that is showing sold out - shoot me a message or put a request in to be notified when more stock arrives. We will put more on our next order. As long as it is still available we can continue to bring it in.

First up is the Spice - ARToptions Spice. This isn't just for fall. This collection is full of color that can be used with other Color Swatch collections to bring out or emphasize any color you choose.

Let me introduce ARToptions Spice. (This is just a sampling of what is available.)

THen 49 and Market introduced 2 new Color Swatch collections. These have become staples in my supplies. My only regret is not stocking up on more of each color. They are so handy to combine with so many other lines we use.

First up: Peach

And Color Swatch Grove:

The collections above are just the samplings - not the complete collections. Please click on the link to view everything from these 3 collections!

Have a great Friday Friends!

Until the next collection.....


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