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49 and Market - 3 new collections! Spice, Grove and Peach

3 new collections available! ARToptions Spice collection and 2 new Color Swatch collections: Grove and Peach. If you have been using 49 and Market for any length of time, you've come to learn the color swatch collections are basic and will blend with so many other collections as they come out. They are good to stock up on. You'll pull those out again and again.

ARToptions Spice collection is a great fall collection - however, IF you do not get to experience fall and all those colors - it still is a versatile collection for you. Lots of colors but unlike other Brand's Fall collections , I believe it will work well for many other occasions as well. I live in Western, Pa. And I live on a farm so I get to experience FALL and all it's glorious colors. - however, this collection - as you will see, is not just a fall collection.

This is just a sampling of the Spice collection. I do have some bummer news more card kits. 49 and Market has decided to stop putting card kits together. Boo!

The collections is ...beautiful.

The add-ons for this release is Color Swatch Grove and Peach.

Let's start with Grove:

And Peach....

These 3 new collections are listed as Pre Orders - they are due to arrive mid-September. Also, if there is a 49 and Market item you are looking for - shoot us a message - if it's still available we can get it for you!

Well, it's go time! Have fun! And please share what you are creating! We'd love to see it!

Have a great day!


P.S. What's next? Finishing uploading Echo Park, Carta Bella, fall and holiday collections, Adding Altenew September release ! (yay)

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