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Prima Pre Orders available for the Luna Collection

I don't know how the weather is where you are but , wow, we have had a few cooler days here in Western, Pa. Normally we are having the dog days of summer in August, but not right now. To be was nice to turn off the air on and open the windows. There is a hint of fall coming our way already. I just happened to get our order confirmation today for Prima's newest fall collection! The colors are a nice soft switch from what some other lines offer for their Halloween collections. You are welcome to order the collection as a pre order and we will ship as soon as it arrives.

Will you be using this collection for a home decor project or possibly catching up with some of those photos on your phone from previous years? Shoot me a message or a picture of your projects! I'd love to share them!

Here are a few of the items. To see them all, pop over to our pre order page.

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