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Happy New Year?

Yes! I am late to the New Year! It's been a little quiet around here for the last few months. But, we have good reason. I lost my dad the week of Thanksgiving after an 8 week fight for this life. My dad was an awesome father. He was a husband, brother , dad , grandfather, retired steel worker and Vietnam Vet. My dad had a passion to tell people about Jesus. After being able to retire at all early age, he traveled the world to spread the love of Jesus. If he wasn't planning an International trip, he would be a missionary to the people and areas right around him. He would always tell people that Jesus was his best friend and has always been there for him. He wanted nothing more than for everyone to know the love of Jesus because to my dad, if you knew the love of Jesus there was nothing you couldn't get through.

So since my dad's passing I have been dealing with a broken heart and searching for that love and compassion my dad always spoke of.

We are ready to get started again - offering you new products and ideas! Above all we promise to provide you with top shelf customer care! Please never hesitate to reach out!!

New products just added - some Wendy Vecchi shimmer paint and sprays!

We will also be adding odd inventory as we clear shelves and do some housekeeping! Keep checking mind find some hard to find gems!

What fun will you have this weekend? What do you think you will create? Will you be the record keeper for those you love?

Don't hesitate to share your ideas!


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