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New Stencil Butter from The Crafter's Workshop!

We have 8 new Stencil Butters and 2 new stardust butters. The Crafter's Workshop Rose Stardust Butter is a dazzling addition to your creative toolkit. Stardust Butters offer a glittery and spreadable medium that brings dimension and texture to your projects. Infused with superfine suspended glitter in a clear gel, Stardust Butter offers versatility in application. It

easily glides through stencils, can be applied with a brush, or scraped on with a palette knife, providing multiple ways to add a touch of excitement to your creations. Cleanup is easy with water, rinse tools immediately after use. Each jar contains approximately 50ml. And The Crafter's Workshop Stencil Butter is a creamy medium with a shimmering shine that spreads easily with a palette knife. It possesses the body of a soft modeling paste, retaining its peaks and valleys for texture. Cleanup is easy with water, rinse tools immediately after use. This versatile medium is perfect for various techniques, including stenciling, finger-painting, and brush-painting. The colors blend harmoniously with each other, as well as with Metallic Pastes. Depending on thickness, it dries in 15-30 minutes and is suitable for use on various surfaces such as watercolor paper, mixed media boards, canvas, wood, and more.

Here are the newest colors:

We also have some palette knives available if you need's an example: (click on image to be taken to item)

Sooo....if stencil butter is new to you or something you's a great time to get something new to try.

Have a great day friends!

Talk later...


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