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New Prima Moulds

New Prima moulds have shown up! There are additional moulds arriving this coming week - along with the 2 newest collections. Those should arrive in the shop mid-week next week.

Have you played with any moulds yet? Do you know what to do with them? Let me see if I can help!

There are a few ways you can make your mould.

  1. use wax melts

  2. hot glue - yes, you can use your glue gun

  3. Amazing Casting Resin - yes, we have it in stock!

These methods all work with your moulds. When choosing glue sticks - you can choose clear glue sticks then color your molds or use colored glue sticks.

The newest moulds from Prima Re-Design:

Here's the link to Prima at the store:

I hope you'll consider giving moulds a try and expand your creativity. So many collections from Prima and Stamperia as well have moulds with them. SO fun!!

Here are some other moulds in the shop:

Enjoy soon,


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