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It's a Monday!

Well, summer is in full swing, and we are already looking towards fall. (I am doing an eyeroll typing that.). Yes, I know - fall has its beauty and perks. But! I am a summer loving girl. I still have one daughter in school, and a son in college so the end of summer brings all those schedules and changes. Summer just seems to bring more family time, more get togethers, more activity. I lost my dad a year and a half ago. It just now feels like our family is able to be together without being in immense pain. We are finally able to start laughing together again and finding some joy. I thank summer for that! So until those schedule changes come and those crisp nights start...I am going to enjoy every last bit of summer! My freckled face is going to soak up as much sunshine as it can get.

Thinking towards fall though usually means making shelf space - so we get to offer you some outrageous deals each week as we clear through stock and prepare for the months ahead! This week's craziness is 40% off Stampers Anonymous designed by Tim Holtz!!

Let me give you a peek of some of the goodies:

There are stencils and stamps from all across the years and a variety of seasons and holidays. They are all marked at 40% - plus we have great shipping rates. As a reminder:

$50.00 orders equal FREE Shipping within the US - orders below $50.00 - $6.99 shipping.

The 40% off Stampers Anonymous is only good through Wednesday evening, 11:59pm, est.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any requests or questions. We are here to help. As always, please know -we appreciate you! If you are ever wanting to see what is new to the shop, visit the What's New tab on the page. Or click below and go there now:

Have a great day and don't forget to take some time to create!


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