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49 and Market's Moonlit Garden in stock and shipping

Updated: Oct 26

Yay! It's one more collection from 49 and Market for this year! Our initial stock has arrived and is beginning to ship out today! We've brought in single 12x12 sheets as well as the collection packs. This is a timeless collection and can be used for any and every occasion.

Take a peek (Reminder - this is just a sampling) :

We also have the Colored Foundations in single sheets:

This collection includes an album kit:

And all the goodies we've come to love :

This collection also includes the ultimate page kits and cluster kits:

So many beautiful items in this collection. It's a year round collection for any reason and any season. You can view the full unboxing below if you'd like!

Let us know what you think and please let us know if we can help with anything!

Talk soon - Kim

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