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Studio Light is making an entrance!

I recently attended some classes by Studio Light with this adorable Friendz die line.

First off - Studio Light carries mini ink cubes - which are fantastic - but then they also carry ink dabbers with a can purchase the set of dabbers to match the Ink cubes:

The set of mini cubes comes in 6 shades of pink and the blending brushes coordinate with the 6 different shades.

Right now we have shades of yellow, greens, purples, turquoise and pinks. Blues are on their way.

The dies are the cutest..... here are some creations:

Whimsical, fun and carefree!

I hope you'll check them out! They've become a favorite around the studio. Would love to see anyone else's creations!

Please reach out if you are looking for a specific product from Studio Light. We are just beginning to carry this line - so there will be much yet to bring in!

Here is just a sampling:

Enjoy ,


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