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New Mintay Collections and products

Well this is an exciting post to make! What a great day - New Mintay Collections and 49 and Market - all arriving at the same time! 2 of our favorites!

We have brand new Mintay Paper Collections: THe Great Outdoor, Happy Birthday, Mr. Fix It, and Bohemian Wedding PLUS we restocked White Christmas. Sooo, if you missedo ut on White is your chance to pick it up! Along with the paper collections we have new Chippies and stencils plus we restocked a few sold out chippies.

Take a peek at what we got:

The Great Outdoor ~

Happy Birthday ~

Mr. Fix It ~

Bohemian Wedding ~

Pus new stencils:

And new chippies:

We've also restocked some chippies, element cut out books and the White Christmas paper collections:

And the Beautiful White Christmas Collection has been restocked!

These collections travel a long way to reach us - and they are worth every bit of wait time! Mintay never disappoints!

Please let me know if we can help with anything!


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