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More Holiday Betterpress plates from Spellbinders

We have 7 new plates designed for the Spellbinders Letterpress plate and die system. If you made the decision to invest in this product - how's it going? Are you creating beautiful stationary? Spellbinders has come out with 7 more plates to choose from for

the Holiday season. We are only taking pre orders for this collection and will only bring in the quantity ordered. So if you would like to have any of these plates ~ now is the time to snag them up. They are telling us expected supply should be available around the end of this month. We are stocking the everyday plates, papers, inks, pads etc. We also have stock remaining from the autumn/ Halloween collection and the first holiday release.

You can view our stock under the Spellbinders brand:

The newest 7 available for pre order:

If you missed the last items - here's a peak at some of them:

Plus....we have papers and ink pads and ink refills!

From now until Sunday night - while we are taking Pre - orders on the newest 7 plates - we are going to offer 15% off the entire collection of Betterpress items. - including the Betterpress system itself!

Please shoot us a message if you have any questions,

Talk soon - Kim

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