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Hello Summer! Additional 10% off Storewide! Promo Code: HELLO

I missed my usual Monday chit chat through the blog. Sorry about that! It's Tuesday now and we have some exciting news! Our special this week is an additional 10% off SITEWIDE! Remember - that's not just 10% off...NOPE , we already have ALL our items listed BELOW retail - right from the start so this is in addition to the already showing discount.

The CODE at checkout is: HELLO

This includes new items, old items, clearance items, staple items, get the picture!

We have added quit a few of new Clearance items over the past week and some new collections.

We've recently listed Vicki Boutin Where to Next and PinkFresh Studio Garden.

Here's a peek at Vicki Boutin Where to Next:

Oh, by the way - we are carrying the full Christmas line from Vicki Boutin called Sugarplum Wishes.

And here is a peek at PinkFresh Studio:

I plan on playing with PinkFresh a little late this week and hope to share some creations with you! I just love, love, love what they are offering!

We have also added a a bundle of Clearance items - some bundles are included in that as well.

Yesterday I worked on some Doodlebug goodies! Have you ever made a shadow box? Just love these! Such an easy, creative way to decorate or gift someone homemade love.

Sooo... before I sign off....remember this week - and additional 10% off on the entire store with the code HELLO at checkout!

Enjoy your week! Please share what you are working on and I promise to do the same!


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