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Graphic 45 Kits - Create something new!

Graphic 45 makes monthly kit that we like to offer you because:

  1. The kits contain all Graphic 45 items

  2. The kits have fantastic Instructional Videos made by Graphic 45

  3. The projects are always unique and something YOU will be proud of!

The newest kit - Hello Pumpkin is on it's way to us as well as the Mother Goose Book Case and 3 brag book kits. Aren't they just fantastic? Graphic 45 provides an instructional video with all the details - step by step as to how to create these beautiful creations. Plus and instruction sheet is include with each kit giving detailed instructions.

Along with Hello Pumpkin and Mother Goode book case and brag books...we also have some additional kits ...

P.S. I Love You A shadow box with travel Album

P.S. I Love You - interactive pop-up cards inside decorated envelopes

Enchanted Forest Interactive Folio – Album Kit Volume 5! Featuring staggered pockets, cascading waterfall elements, and ample space for your cherished photos.

Mon Amour Album Kit using a Quad Folio

2 Kits from Little One - Album or Tags!

Sun Kissed DIY Box Folio Album

Life’s a Bowl of Cherries - photo album

Sooo. if you've ever wanted to create an album BUT just had no idea where to start...Graphic 45's kits might just be what you've been looking for!



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