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DIna Wakley MEdia Gloss with Dropper tops

New Product alert:

Dina Wakley MEdia Gloss is an opaque fluid acrylic with a dropper applicator that dries to a glossy finish. It can be used on paper, fabric and other porous surfaces such as Media

Journals, Chipboard Shapes, Media Board, and more. Glosses are water-soluble when wet and permanent when dry. To use, shake well to mix the pigments, and apply directly from the dropper or brush on with a paintbrush. Available in 1.9 fl. oz. bottles, in 6 new colors - Bodacious, Gnarly, Legit, Radical, Stoked, and Tubular.


You can purchase just the glass droppers to use on spray bottles you may already have. The droppers are designed to fit perfectly on the Dina Wakley MEdia Gloss Spray bottles, making them a seamless addition to your art supplies. Dina Wakley MEdia Gloss Droppers offer easy and precise application

Or, replacement sprayers...

Dina Wakley MEdia Replacement Sprayers are great for use with Dina Wakley MEdia Glosses. Use them for quick and easy ink coverage on various surfaces.

Spray through stencils, use to layer colors, and more!

Would you like to see any particular item in stock from Dina Wakley? Let us know!

Talk soon - Kim

US shipping: Free Shipping on orders totaling $50.00, Orders $49.99 and below - $6.99 shipping

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