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Are you familiar with 49 and Market?

Are you new to 49 and Market? I am hearing everyday of people just learning about this fabulous company! 49 and Market provides beautiful items that can be used for a variety of creative reasons! We are so in love with 49 and Market that we do our best to keep as many collections as we can in stock. So, if you are just discovering them....we can hook you up with some of the beautiful collections you may have missed.

One of my favorites....

49 and Market provides 12x12 papers, 6x8 papers, rub ons, ephemera, washi tape, chipboard words, kits and more!

We have pages and pages of items and we always offer 49 and Market below retail!

If you are looking for something we are out of stock of or something you cannot find in our store - let us know! If it's still available - we can get it for you!

Have a great one!


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